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Welcome to  me and handbags Blog!

Hello ladies, my name is Kemi and I am crazy about handbags, I first started with handbags when I was 13 yrs old, I used to borrow my mum’s handbags for parties and different occasions, my mum was not impressed to say the least.

The problem was most times, we wanted to carry the same handbag, I give it to her, they were her precious handbags and I was just borrowing.


One day, my mum came up with a solution to solve our little problem and she made me promise not to touch her handbags anymore, she gave me money to start my own collection and from then on, I have been a handbag collector.

Passionate about  handbags

As I grew older, I became more passionate about handbags, my ultimate dream was to owBags galoren Shoe and handbag boutique.

I started collecting handbags for my own personal use and I ended up with different colours, shapes and sizes.

I search for unusual style of handbags and blog about them, follow me on Instagram to see my different collections  @toksfashion

Recently, I decided to turn my passion and dream into reality, in the winter of 2013, Toks Fashion Boutique was launched online.


Handbags for fashion photo-shoot or personal style!

Looking for a handbag to go with your party outfit, look no further I am here to help, I also offer personal shopper services!

I have handbags for that fashion photo-shoot you are about to do, you can rent our bags at affordable prices.

Fashion design students can hire for the catwalk designs, different colours, different shapes and of course different sizes I have it all.



toks-kodaEuropean Brand Ambassador for Koda Nivoli

Summer 2016 Toksfashionboutique became the European brand ambassador for Koda Nivoli, a Stylistbox well known designer from Canada. Koda Nivoli was one of the lucky and talented people to have her designs featured on the red carpet at TIFF2016 (Toronto International Film Festival). Toks Fashion Boutique has designs made by Koda Nivoli on their website and they are available to purchase at any time.


Featuring red carpet moments




Handbags for Fall!

Hurray! We have been waiting for those fashion magazines where we read the guide on what to wear this Fall and yes we have them.

This season breeze into the festive months with the right handbag.



Because you are worth it

Spending a fair bit of money on your handbag is okay, quality and price go hand in hand.

We are all different and we have different tastes and different hobbies, other people spend on watches, jewelry gadgets, cars, golf clubs, the list is endless, mine is handbags.

Carrying a handbag that is expensive signals to a lot people, that one is successful, has good taste and cares about quality. An expensive leather handbags, lifts you up into a different mood entirely, you feel sophisticated and powerful carrying a nice  handbag.

To see more of these follow me on Instagram @toksfashion